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mRNA Vaccine Technology Creator Dr. Robert Malone Calls for covid-19 vaccine pause in interview with Stew Peters, October 13th, 2021. You can watch the full interview at the bottom of this article or on the website.

October 14, 2021
Screenshot of Stew Peters Interview With mRNA Technology Creator Dr. Robert Malone Oct 13th, 2021
Screenshot of Stew Peters Interview With mRNA Technology Creator Dr. Robert Malone Oct 13th, 2021

(Editors Note: Oct. 29th, 2021) Please Note That The C.M.M.S. Abbreviation that Dr. Malone mentions in his Interview is referring to the Center’s For Medicare and Medicaid Services. Also known and abbreviated as C.M.S. Due to the fact that we are quoting Dr. Malone From his interview with stew peters. We decided to quote as accurately as humanly possible thus the C.M.M.S. / C.M.S Abbreviation discrepancy. We also added some links for a couple of sources that were overlooked when this article first was published. Also added the publish date for this article which was also initially overlooked.

For the purposes of keeping this article short and to the point i will only be covering the most relevant talking points.

The first talking point Dr. Robert Malone covered in his interview with Stew Peters was regarding the issue of whether or not our nations children should be vaccinated with the COVID-19 Vaccine.

Below is a quote of what Dr. Robert Malone said in the interview.

There’s a very solid study out that shows that of the less than 400 deaths in the pediatric population nationwide attributed by the cdc to sars-covid-2 infection. zero out of those had, were otherwise healthy young adults, healthy children. Okay so they are 100% due to or have significant preexisting conditions. So then it’s not to protect them, the children because there’s no evidence of significant risk in the children. So what is it for? The logic seems to be that the children are functionally vectors they’re super spreaders of one sort of another. However you want to phrase it. and they are putting at risk their teachers, their grandparents etc. I reject that logic and i think anybody that takes a moment to take a deep breath and think it through.

Dr. Robert Malone in an interview with Stew Peters Oct 13th, 2021

The Developer of mRNA Technology Dr. Robert Malone went on to say…

If the parents, teachers, elderly are at risk for the virus then they have the option to accept the vaccine. Now if the vaccine is worth a tinkers damn. Then they should be protected and the issue of whether or not children have largely asymptomatic infection is irrelevant. so it, i do not find logic here in supporting vaccination of children either because of protecting them against significant disease risk with healthy children. Or their role in potentially protecting others. It Just Doesn’t Make Sense.

Dr. Robert Malone in an interview with Stew Peters Oct 13th, 2021

First I would like to touch base in my own words on that statement by Dr. Robert Malone.

I AM NOT ANTI-VACCINE. I Fully Support Vaccines That Have Been Proven Safe and Effective. Using the same standards that we have used for safety and regulatory testing of all vaccines historically since the beginning of the F.D.A. and vaccine development. Historically vaccine development and safety testing is a process that can take up to a decade. The quickest vaccine ever put into production safely and effectively took 7 years before it was available to the public. These current mRNA Covid-19 Vaccines however are an unproven technology.

There simply has not been enough proper safety testing in the development of these products.

Not only that but the fact that the cdc changed the definition of what vaccination and vaccine is in order to accommodate these mRNA Vaccines to fit into that definition. Rather than follow their own safety and testing procedures. I find this highly suspicious and as such am weary and suspicious of this new mRNA Vaccine Technology. We can demonstrate and prove this. The last known wayback machine snapshot before the vaccination & vaccine definition change by the C.D.C. was on August 26th, 2021. The first known wayback machine snapshot after the vaccination & vaccine definition change by the C.D.C was on September 2nd, 2021. Based on this data we can reasonably assume that these definitions were changed by the C.D.C.sometime between August 26th, 2021 and September 2nd, 2021.

I find it highly suspicious that this was done in such close proximity to Biden’s vaccine mandate speech.

In fact as occam’s razor states “The simplest explanation tends to be the right one.” and in this scenario based on the available D.O.D./J.A.I.C. study utilizing C.M.S. data power point report we were able to obtain from the website on October 5th, 2021. The fact that this report was taken down and has not been re-posted following the October 5th 2021 revision. In addition to the C.D.C.’s change of the definitions Vaccine and Vaccination. In my opinion the simplest explanation based solely on these two data points that makes the most sense is this. A concerted effort to cover up and hide the truth about the efficacy of these vaccines is occurring because of profit and political motivations.

That being said. I would like to make a plea to those parent’s, teachers, and guardians who trust the F.D.A, C.D.C, W.H.O. and the N.I.H. regarding the efficacy of this COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Technology.

And as a result think this is about public health and safety. DO NOT VACCINATE YOUR CHILDREN I BEG YOU. The People managing this crisis are doing so with personal involvement and profit motives. Not for you, not for me, not for the public health and safety of our children but for themselves. so they can make money. All at the expense of Human Lives, and Human Rights. THIS mRNA COVID-19 VACCINE TECHNOLOGY HAS NOT BEEN PROVEN SAFE. THEY ARE SKEWING THE NUMBERS OF COVID-19 Infections, Hospitalizations, and Deaths And Are Doing The Same With The Vaccine Adverse Events Data.

Moving on to the next talking point in the Interview With Dr. Robert Malone, Creator of mRNA Technology.

Stew Peters: “But now some new data coming out, Over 70% of those hospitalized over the age of 65 with COVID-19 right now are considered to be quote fully vaccinated.
Dr. Robert Malone: “
Yeah. Precisely.
Stew Peters: “
So it’s not working for them either.
Dr. Robert Malone: “
And and the. You know the media acts as if this is such a sudden shock. Who would’ve thought it. Well anybody that’s paying attention to the data knew that this is what we were gonna see based on the Israeli data. And then the UK data. So this is. I I don’t know. The gentle way is to say its duplicitous. The the less gentle way is to say this is more media lies and scare porn.

Dr. Robert Malone in an interview with Stew Peters Oct 13th, 2021

Stew Peters And Dr. Robert Malone Inventor Of mRNA Technology which led to the development of mRNA Vaccine Technology continues as follows in the interview.

Stew Peters: “Yeah.

Dr. Robert Malone: “And um that. That’s just the truth of it. We’re Being Barraged by intentional efforts to create fear. And it’s not justified. It’s grossly counter productive, it’s damaging our economy. It’s tearing our society apart. And it has no merit.

Dr. Robert Malone in an interview with Stew Peters Oct 13th, 2021

It Should Be Obvious To Any Rational Critical Thinking Person At This Point,

That the gravity of these statements hold weight. Not only because the data supports this conclusion. I also contend that this should be obvious because they are being made by the inventor and creator of mRNA Technology. Keep in mind this is a man of unparalleled integrity. A man who bases his conclusions on the raw data. Not his personal opinions. This much will become very clear once you watch this interview with Dr. Robert Malone by The Intellectual People Podcast. I highly recommend this interview as he goes into his early career during the aids epidemic in the 80’s and makes clear how things unfolded. He was there.

Dr. Robert Malone, creator of mRNA technology goes on to say…

The Hospital Systems, and they have financial incentives to do this.
The Hospital Systems, and the health and human service systems have basically been structured to assume that if PCR evidence exist for this virus, any individual who is hospitalized or dies, therefore they died due to this disease, covid-19. Rather than recognizing that a substantial fraction of them would have died anyhow. uh from whatever their comorbidity is, so it falsely inflates the essentially if you can follow the, forgive me for saying it. The denominator.

Dr. Robert Malone in an interview with Stew Peters Oct 13th, 2021

Stew Peters then follows up by touching on the VAERS Data regarding this mRNA Vaccine Technology.

Stew Peters: “So the vaers data, i mean obviously the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System has a lot of flaws. It’s probably the most unreliable database that we have. Unfortunately it’s the only one that the masses have access to. The others were, the others are kept a secret don’t even ask about that.

Dr. Robert Malone: “So, So that’s actually sort of true. There’s the C.M.M.S. Data set. Uh and there’s also the VA & DOD Datasets. And uh in the case of the C.M.M.S. If you have enough money, it’s like $40 or $50,000 Bucks. you can buy access to that data set. which is why folks the likes of Steve Kirsch who have deep pockets are able to acquire those data sets.

Dr. Robert Malone in an interview with Stew Peters Oct 13th, 2021

One thing I’d like to point out is that the C.M.M.S. Data set that Dr. Robert Malone is referring to is something we recently covered in one of our articles titled COVID-19 Hospitalizations At 60% for Vaccinated According to DOD Study

This Humatrix Study Appears to be a joint project between the DOD/J.A.I.C and Humetrix using data from the Center For Medicaid & Medicare Services therefore this particular study would be considered part of the C.M.M.S data set.

Dr. Robert Malone then makes the case that a vaccination pause has merit.

I think there’s a case to be made that a pause has merit. and a pause in further vaccination. I think that case can be made for multiple reasons.

Dr. Robert Malone in an interview with Stew Peters Oct 13th, 2021

This revelation and pivot in Dr. Malone’s position on the efficacy of these mRNA Vaccine Technologies should be a huge red flag. And as such be quite evident that something else is going on behind this massive push for worldwide vaccination.

When Stew Peters commented that “This is just so ironically weird for me to sit here and listen to you say this stuff. It’s widely known that you’re the godfather of mRNA Technology. Where’s my disconnect?” Dr. Robert Malone Replied.

Just because i invented and conceived of the platform. I had no hand in these particular vaccines. These vaccines were rushed. In fact what i do have is 30 years of history and a stupid amount of training in bioethics, and regulatory affairs, and project management, and bio defense, and vaccines, and we can go on and on and on.

Dr. Robert Malone in an interview with Stew Peters Oct 13th, 2021

Dr. Malone went on to describe the event that led him to realize that the F.D.A. is corrupt.

Somebody in Portugal asked me a question in a round table Q&A event. where she said “We have”, the way she tee-d it up “We here in Portugal have always assumed that the FDA was the gold standard for the world in terms of integrity, in regulating the safe, the development of safe and effective products. And it’s now become apparent to us that the FDA is corrupt.”

Dr. Robert Malone in an interview with Stew Peters Oct 13th, 2021

Dr. Robert Malone then goes on to describe his reaction and the realization and awareness he came to as a result.

For me that was a mic-drop moment. uh that was i had to kind of. It was one of those truths that i had avoided confronting. And there all of a sudden i had to confront it and respond to this woman in the audience. And she was heartbroken she’d lost a family member. You know so there was personal grief behind this. and this wasn’t a political actor or a political statement being made. This was a statement of factual observation. and i realized the truth of her statement. The entire HHS system has been corrupted.

Dr. Robert Malone in an interview with Stew Peters Oct 13th, 2021

This is very telling. And is something i had been convinced of since this whole plandemic began, The F.D.A. Is corrupt. which of course is not that difficult to see if you take the time to look at their actions over the last couple of years.

Dr. Malone then revealed that some of what he had experienced first hand at the beginning of this covid-19 plandemic. Was being presented completely out of context and in a false manner on CNN.

I Came to a personal awareness, at least in my mind. That the woman was speaking truth. That the system is deeply corrupted, it can no longer be counted on to perform it’s intended function.

Dr. Robert Malone in an interview with Stew Peters Oct 13th, 2021

Dr. Malone then goes on to call out the institutions managing this crisis.

The Media is corrupted and coordinated, The Government is corrupted and coordinated. We knew that this was happening for years with the pharmaceutical industry basically buying access to the Hill.

Dr. Robert Malone in an interview with Stew Peters Oct 13th, 2021

He then goes on to describe how this corruption in these institutions came about through regulatory capture.

And uh, and the capture, the regulatory capture that we’ve seen across multiple agencies. For your listeners one of the greatest examples that we all know is 737 Max in the FAA. I mean that just, talk about the nose on your face. That is an example of regulatory capture. The fact that Monsanto Leadership has sat as the head of the USDA across multiple administrations now. For over a decade. That’s another example of regulatory capture

Dr. Robert Malone in an interview with Stew Peters Oct 13th, 2021

Dr. Robert Malone then goes on to describe the main reason why the F.D.A. has become corrupt.

The FDA, with the decision that the pharmaceutical industry advocated for. That in order to save money, the FDA would be funded largely directly by fees from the pharmaceutical industry. Has created a situation in which they are dependent on that pharmaceutical money.

Dr. Robert Malone in an interview with Stew Peters Oct 13th, 2021

Conclusion: Due to these revelations made by Dr. Robert Malone during his interview with Stew Peters. It should be evidently clear to any free, critical thinking, rational person that these institutions

have become corrupted by special interests, both political and financial. I personally have suspected this to be the case since at least march of 2021. Back when i first became aware of the duplicitous nature of this pandemic. Dr. Robert Malone’s recent shift in his position on these issues, has vindicated and confirmed what i already have suspected to be the case. Like the old saying goes “Absolute Power Corrupts ABSOLUTELY”! As individuals we should always be mindful of those pushing an agenda or product. Especially when they have something to gain as a result of pushing that agenda or product. For those who don’t know what a conflict of interest is i will make it very clear.

According to wikipedia the definition of Conflict of interest is defined as follows

“A conflict of interest (COI) is a situation in which a person or organization is involved in multiple interests, financial or otherwise, and serving one interest could involve working against another. Typically, this relates to situations in which the personal interest of an individual or organization might adversely affect a duty owed to make decisions for the benefit of a third party.”

Conflict of interest Definition: Courtesy Wikipedia

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