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Kyle Rittenhouse verdict reached today. Rittenhouse is found NOT GUILTY on all counts today when the jury revealed it’s decision after 4 days of deliberation.

November 19, 2021


Verdict Reached In Rittenhouse Trial courtesy of Yahoo Finances Youtube channel

It will come as no surprise that Rittenhouse was acquitted on all counts, considering the evidence. In addition to the prosecutions complete lack of respect for the rule of law. During the trial it became evident that this was a witch hunt from the start when it comes to the prosecution. To anyone watching the case a Verdict of Not Guilty is a no brainer. From the fact that the prosecutions witnesses confirmed Rittenhouse’s account of the event’s. To the prosecutions improper line of questioning that violated Rittenhouse’s right not to self incriminate.

I Remember watching the video of Rittenhouse a little over a year ago after it was posted on social media

In my opinion this Not Guilty Verdict is a Big Win for Justice and the rule of law. From what i saw in the video it was apparent (at least to me) that Kyle Rittenhouse was acting in self defense. In an age where cancel culture makes it completely acceptable to loot and riot for one class of individuals free of all accountability. While at the same time trying to criminalize those who are defending their communities from such looting and rioting.

The Kyle Rittenhouse case is just another example and extension of

The far left and their so called Woke counter culture trying to push an agenda. How do we know this? How can we prove this? Here’s how. If anyone has heard of the OK hand gesture being toted as a symbol of white supremacy. I can easily disprove this. The origins of this symbol being misconstrued as a hate symbol can be traced back to a hoax campaign by 4chan users. During this campaign users attempted to gaslight the far left into believing this to be true and factual. After their many attempts and failures to paint Former President Donald trump as a White Supremacist after he won the 2016 election. It became obvious to many people especially in the online community of 4chan (which is where The Hacker Group Anonymous also has it’s origins) that corruption was rampant in the far left. The idea behind this Hoax was to see if the far left could be gaslighted into believing that the OK hand symbol was a symbol of white supremacy. And in the process try to use it to push their woke counter culture agenda and other agendas on people.


The fact of the matter is the OK Hand Symbol has never been a symbol of white supremacy. And while some white supremacists may have used it after this Hoax Campaign. Being gullible and believing it to be a genuine symbol of white supremacy because of this 4chan Hoax. That does not mean that any individual of any race or ethnicity(Caucasian or otherwise ) that uses the symbol should be assumed to be promoting White Supremacy. It should be noted that anyone trying to push this narrative of the OK Hand Symbol being a symbol for white supremacy (Especially in the M.S.M.) should be taken with a grain of salt. It should be obvious at this point that they are either 1.pushing an agenda 2.unaware or uneducated. just based on these facts alone. I Highly recommend watching Candace Owens take on this she is calling it exactly as it is.

You can watch the verdict for yourself here, or at the top of the article

The verdict of the Rittenhouse Trial is a BIG WIN

For the rule of law. And for the god given liberties our forefathers founded this country on. In recent years i’ve seen more and more of our freedoms being eroded and chipped away under the false pretense of security and public health. And while those events have greatly discouraged me and the path our country is on. It is wins such as this case that restore my faith in humanity and in our country.

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