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Malicious Prosecution a Call to Action By Stephen Phillips 10-23-2023 @ 10:42 AM

To Get the Latest Exculpatory Evidence in the Roger Hillygus Case check out our Forensic Timeline Analysis on the Roger Hillygus Case.

Malicious Prosecution – This Is a Call To Action Campaign

Help by Following the Instructions Below to File A Bar Complaint against Mr. Amos Stege. A Malicious Prosecutor whom is Unlawfully and Unjust fully attempting to teach Mr. Handte and Mr. Hillygus “A harsh lesson in life!”

If you see an image in one of the steps.

Then you must enter those fields manually as requested.

This may include your Name, Email, Phone, and Address. This may also include radio buttons which you should select to match the one selected in the image. You can bring the form field into focus by clicking on the Goto Form Field button. (see figure 1A)

Figure 1A: You can bring the form field into focus by clicking on the Goto Form Field button.

If there is Text only. Use the Copy button to copy the text so that you may easily paste

In the corresponding Form Field in the Complaint Form below. (see figure 1B)

Once you click Copy!, the button should say Copied & the corresponding Form field should automatically scroll into view below the Template Step. All you have to do after that is paste the text you just copied, then click the Next Step button.

If you still need help using this article please refer to the video tutorial walk through below

Now Lets Get This Bar Complaint Fast Tracked!

Step 1:

Step 2:

Enter Your First, Middle(if Applicable), and Last Name

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