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M.S.M. Propaganda, how to spot it, identify it, and nullify it is the subject for the first episode of our Tips, Techniques, & Survival Traits News Segment.

December 5, 2021

Tips, Techniques, & Survival Traits – Episode 1

How To Spot M.S.M. Propaganda 101 – With Stephen Phillips

In This First Ever Episode 1 of News4Us World’s Practical Tips, Techniques, and Survival Traits Video Segment We Show You How To Spot M.S.M. Propaganda. This Show Will Eventually Become Part Of Our Weekly Saturday News Show. Once We Roll That Out In The Next Few Months.(T.B.A.)

Editors Note: A Transcript Of This Entire News Segment Is Now Available. You can also find a list of the sources referenced in this News Segment at the Bottom Of The Article

Good morning fellow citizens, patriots, and peers.
Today is Saturday December 4th, in the year 2021. This is Stephen Phillips Reporting
Today I’m going to teach you how to spot main stream media propaganda.
were going to go over and cover several key things you can do to spot, identify, and nullify M.S.M. Propaganda.
Then we’re going to go over a few real world examples of M.S.M Manipulation of its viewers in order to spin a narrative, and or narratives, and or push an agenda.
Finally we’re going to show you how using certain video editing techniques. Virtually anyone can take a video and portray it in a context completely different, sometimes even opposite, than the context in which it actually is.

One of the first steps you can take to begin learning how to spot M.S.M. Propaganda is to ask yourself. How does it make you feel?
Does it put you in a state of fear, anger or rage? It is important to remember that when the mind is in a state of fear it’s ability to problem solve and think clearly shuts down. this occurs because of the extreme negative emotional charge that is incited when the mind is in a fear or even rage state.
These lower negative emotions are from a time when human beings were little more than fight or flight creatures of survival.
When we become emotionally charged about something, It almost always blinds us and prevents us from thinking objectively rationally and critically, which is essential for empirical data based thinking, rationalization, and most importantly problem solving.

Therefore if it does put you in a state of fear, anger, or rage,
the next thing we must do is determine whether the claim or segment that induced the state can be corroborated through third party independent sources.

If it can be corroborated then we know that our emotional state is justifiably genuine.

However if it cannot be corroborated then there is a very very good chance that you are being gaslighted to induce an emotional reaction due to intentful manipulation.

OK folks next up i promised you I’d show you some real world examples of the Main Stream Media using and manipulating the truth to spin a narrative and an agenda. And the first example up is in relation to the Kyle Rittenhouse case.
And it is an article and a video by the New York post. Smearing Rittenhouse and labeling him as a white supremacist. And basically as of today they have not updated the article to reflect the fact that they were wrong. So that’s one thing. So let’s go take a look at it and see for yourself.

OK folks as we can clearly see this is an article by the New York Post. OK
and this is the Headline. “Kyle Rittenhouse flashes white-power sign while out on bond”

It’s dated January 14th, 2021. Published at 2:06 pm. Updated last on January 14th, 2021 at 4:47 pm Okay

Clearly the date down here says December 4th, 2021 Saturday.

Now you see how they tried to portray that right? correct?
How they talked about the OK hand symbol being a white supremacy symbol. and that he was oh he’s a white supremacist because he did the OK hand symbol.
No no you know what i can completely 100% disprove beyond a shadow of a doubt. the whole OK hand symbol being a white supremacist thing. OK and here’s why
I’m going to show you another article. So this article right here “How the alt-right co-opted the OK hand sign to fool the media.” Basically spells it out

“The media has been manipulated by extremists but focusing on the victims offers journalists a way to redress the balance.”(Editors Note: I would like to point out that the article title for the guardian is somewhat misleading. Here is why. By definition the fact that the users who posted and participated in this hoax are posting Anonymously. Therefore there is no way to discern or determine whether or not they are part of the Alt-Right. So as we can see here even the guardian has its own level of bias to some degree). I Highly recommend checking out’s take on the OK Hand Symbol. I Think they are probably the most accurate and unbiased article i could find that understands the context in which memes are meant. Which users have a general appreciation and understanding of that form of satirical humor.)

So basically if you read this article it tells you that this is where this originates from. basically users on a 4chan on a site called which is also mind you the origins of where the Hacker Group Anonymous Came from.
OK so keep that in mind as well which they’re known for exposing corruption. Right? Correct?
So basically they perpetrated a hoax to see if they could gaslight the extreme left into believing and running with the idea that the OK hand symbol was a gesture of white supremacy.

Well after they did this. It Worked. In fact we are actually seeing results of this over the last year and a half. regarding the Rittenhouse case.

Specifically when they tried to change his bail conditions or his bond conditions. We can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was done intentionally to see if we could catch them and expose them in what they are doing and have been doing for a very long time. And it worked and now we’re seeing the aftermath of that. And they are going down because they just fucking dug their own graves.

C.N.N. has less than a million viewers per day now because of this. And you know what it’s fucking Beautiful. Because the people are waking up. The people aren’t buying it anymore. They are getting hip to the Main Stream Media’s Bullshit
and their propaganda. And their toting of whoever is paying them off to keep toting their fucking lies. It’s obvious it’s become so obvious now. That that is going on. It’s so clear as day. Any rational person that is seeing this cannot deny it. I kinda want to use this forum or episode format where we expose corruption and you know propaganda and how to spot it. And how to overcome these deceitful and insidious tools that the powers that be are trying to force and control us with. Which is contrary to everything that this country and our founding fathers stood for.
So here is our proof that it worked OK.

September 26th, 2019 on “The OK Hand Gesture Is Now Listed As A Symbol Of Hate.” So. Basically This is the End Result Of the Hypothesis Of The Hoax and it Worked. It Worked Beautifully. It worked Basically.
So Now we see that reflecting in The New York Post, Post. No pun intended by the way. So basically um that’s your case right there, story over. class over case closed basically. you can’t deny that. feel free to look at all the links I’ve referenced here for yourself and Double Check in fact i encourage you to do the leg work for yourself and look and find out for yourself. because that’s where your gonna get the truth at that’s where your discover that we’ve been lied to for so long. And that’s where you’re gonna wake up and be like “Oh Shit”. But this is for people that are on the verge of waking up and that need a little bit more guidance on how to discern that kind of propaganda and how to navigate it and completely see it for what it is and not let it affect you and drop it completely when you do encounter it. Pretend like it doesn’t even exist. And don’t even participate in that. Don’t even give it the energy, don’t give it your time of day, don’t participate in it at all. In any way shape or form. Physically Mentally or spiritually, or emotionally. Especially emotionally.

Now that we’ve seen some real world examples. Let’s move on to the part regarding the video editing techniques.
So here’s what I’ve done. I’ve taken Trump’s Inaugural Speech From 2017, January 20th. And I’ve edited a portion of it in such a way that it appears that he is endorsing Allegiance to Prejudice.
and so let me play that clip for you right here right now and i will play the original right after that so you can see the real context in which it was portrayed.

M.S.M Propaganda Techniques, Edited Video Of A Portion of Trumps Inaugural Speech to make it appear he is endorsing prejudice. To demonstrate how easy it is for anyone to do.

And then now here’s the original clip in it’s real context.

Original Unedited Clip Of The One Used and edited for our Demonstration of how easy it is for anyone to manipulate a video clip.

So clearly as we can see. It is very easy and very possible for virtually anyone to take a video clip and portray it in a completely different context than it is in reality. Based on this analysis alone.

I hope you’ve found this informative and useful, and helpful in your daily day to day practical lives. And uh we will be doing a video segment anywhere from 10 – 15 minutes at least once a week. We’re eventually going to integrate this segment into a full one hour show on possibly starting weekly and potentially moving forward down the road as things progress hopefully daily. That’s our objective. That’s our ultimate goal. That’s what we want to do. So um those are our game plans for the near future. So stay posted cause we’ve got some really exciting things coming. Some very exciting things. Until next time. This is Stephen Phillips Out.

That’s Our Episode for Today Saturday Dec. 4th, 2021

I Hope You Found This Weeks Episode of Tips, Techniques & Survival Traits. Titled How To Spot M.S.M. Propaganda 101 – By Stephen Phillips Useful, Informative & Helpful. Next week we will show you how easy it is for you to use google to verify or disprove claims for yourself. Which will have the added benefit of helping you to empower yourself.

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