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Holiday-Christmas Special. Episode 3 of Tips, Techniques, & Survival Traits News Segment.

December 25th, 2021 By Stephen Phillips

Holiday/Christmas Special Episode 3 of Tips, Techniques, & Survival Traits
Holiday-Christmas Special Episode 3 of Tips, Techniques, & Survival Traits

Tips, Techniques, & Survival Traits – Episode 3

Holiday-Christmas Special – With Stephen Phillips

In Episode 3 of Tips, Techniques & Survival Traits, Stephen Phillips Breaks His Silence About How The Pfizer Bio-Weapon Has Crippled His Mother! Calls Out For Justice!

Editors Note: A Transcript Of This Entire News Segment Is Now Available Below. You can also find a list of the sources referenced in this News Segment at the Bottom Of The Article

Happy Holidays Fellow Citizens of earth. No Matter Which holiday you celebrate I wish you good fortune & Seasons Greetings. This is a time of year where most are close to family & close to loved ones. I myself have very close ties to my family, my immediate family, my extended family. But most importantly i want to acknowledge my human family, namely you. My fellow citizens of earth, terra firma, gia! Regardless of which term you use to describe this beautiful planet of ours! I think it’s important now more than ever to recognize that every decision we make is not without consequence good or bad. I Truly Believe that all of us Human beings have far more things in common that unite us than we do things that divide us. And in that spirit I’m going to share with you my story of how my life and my family’s life was turned upside down this last year, and how my mothers whole life will never be the same because of the greed and hubris of congress in their haste to pass the prep act which gives blanket immunity and zero accountability to these bio weapon manufacturers and distributors. Because of the greed and hubris of these bioweapon manufacturers. And the greed and hubris of our so called elected leaders ON BOTH SIDES! But first I’d like briefly touch base on how you can use a simple advanced google search parameter to narrow your search even further and find exactly the content your looking for. As we were not able to include it in last weeks episode due to time constraints. OK So we have our standard search query in this case ‘Plandemic InDoctorNation – FACT CHECK!’ Now here’s a simple trick you can use to find only matches that match your query as typed. Place Quotes around your search query and press enter that’s it no special knowledge just a simple technique that will only take you a few seconds to apply. and as you can see we have substantially narrowed our search successfully. I want to talk about my own experience you know in my immediate family and how this covid-19 bioweapon has changed my mothers life forever and how her life will never be the same again because of it. February 28th, 2021 my mother received her first shot of the Pfizer Bio weapon. Approximately two weeks later, on march 17th, 2021 she began feeling symptoms of not feeling good. um she described it as she was feeling kind of punky. And said she was going to go to bed early. and call it a night. and drink plenty of fluids and hope she felt better in the morning. well all throughout the night i could hear her in pain tossing and turning barely able to move you know “ow owwie ow” every few seconds. the next morning when i was coming back from tutoring my neighbors son. I came back home and i found my mother in the hallway next to the door for her room. It looked like she had fallen and hit her head. she seemed delirious, unconscious almost like she had a concussion. she didn’t seem to know where she was. I picked her up i carried her to her bed i called the ambulance ok. the ambulance arrived. They took her to the hospital. but they walked her down the stairs. She walked with her own legs down the steps. They had two paramedics, one on either side holding her arms like this. but she walked down those steps. Three days later after they did the first surgery to drain the fluid for what they called bacterial meningitis ok. The lab report for the spinal tap clearly states that the fluid retrieved was odorless and colorless. Everybody we’ve spoken to that’s ever had meningitis, Bacterial meningitis. Nurses and even patients. All said it should be milky and cloudy if there’s meningitis. So something is not adding up. OK I’m not going to go into too much more detail on this because there is a current active lawsuit in play, that we are actively pursuing, um unfortunately not on the angle as far as the vaccine goes. or this bioweapon goes cause this is not a vaccine. its a bioweapon lets face it you guys come on. use your heads the information is out there in the public domain. Its out there they’re not even hiding it. It’s right there for anybody to find if you just look. So that’s my mothers story that’s my story of how my life’s been turned upside down. My mother will never walk again. At least that’s what they’re telling us. She’s been in the hospital for six months. Nine months not been able to walk. I don’t care about money or restitution. i want Justice i want Justice for my mother. and for every single other person who’s been affected by this. Because this is wrong. this is wrong. and we have to say no more now enough. I’m gonna show you a few contradictions that the NIH website is making about covid-19 treatment guidelines. so here we go and let’s take a look. Something I’d like to point out ok. This is an archive on the wayback machine of the NIH’s covid-19 treatment guidelines dated December 12th, 2021 ok. First on their recommendations is remdesivir obviously because they make a shit ton of money recommending that and pushing that through the hospital system. However i want you to notice this. it says Ivermectin right? Ok. now if we goto that same link ok December 25th, 2021. We see it’s been updated. We see they say “Approved by the FDA for the treatment of COVID-19 in individuals aged 12 and older weighing more than 40 kilograms” refering to remdesivir. They fast tracked this shit ok. They did pretty much the same shit that they did with the Pfizer vaccine. You know they went ahead and rushed the approval through. but what they did, they made it. they changed the name the approved version is Comirnaty. but yet no Comirnaty is being manufactured. in the United States. it’s not even being manufactured. They’re still using the E.U.A. Version. which is not, they’re not supposed to be able to do that. that’s against regulations. that’s against safety regulations. That’s against the own FDA’s Safety regulations Ok. The FDA is ignoring their own safety regulations. so that being said they’re doing the same thing with the remdesivir. Now if you go down here to the Ivermectin. It says “Not approved by the FDA and not recommended by the panel for the treatment of COVID-19” Hmmmm i wonder why? could it be because it’s cents on the dollar per pill. And it’s Highly effective. and if they had that out there and people knew that they wouldn’t make a shit ton of money on this remdesivir which is killing people by the way. Ok so this politifact article they claim. or they’re fact checking a claim on Facebook and that claim is and even though they can’t deny this cause look. it says “Ivermectin has been FDA approved for human use since 1996 ok” well they say it’s mostly true. and the reason they give that it’s mostly true is because they say well “Ivermectin was approved by the FDA to treat some diseases, but not COVID-19” Well if it’s mostly true then how come there’s no mention of it in this actual claim or facebook post that they’re fact checking. Why else, why would they put that in there, why would they throw that in there if not to misinform people, to throw people off. This is a misinformation campaign. this is a war of information that we’re at right now. this is a war. an information war. a psi-op. If you go down here it says “It is true that ivermectin was approved by the Food and Drug administration that year, but not to treat the coronavirus they point out very quickly.” However this link leads to a web page. Which details the history of ivermectin. dated approximately around 2005 i think that’s when this was published. so According to this I’m going to read you this paragraph from this publication. “Human clinical trials began in February 24, 1981 in Dakar, Senegal where the first patient received a single oral dose of Mectizan.” Mectizan is the Human version of Ivermectin that’s what this medication is. “Ivermectin proved to be remarkably effective in humans, leading to a hope that the cure for river blindness was possible. As soon as data on the compound’s safety and effectiveness became convincing, Merck contacted the World Health Organization (WHO). At first the World Health Organization was not particularly interested in the drug due to its inability to kill adult worms and its own interests in controlling River Blindness through the use of black fly insecticides. However, the continued success of Ivermectin clinical trials and growing ineffectiveness of insecticide use changed the WHO’s position so that in 1982, Merck and WHO began a collaborative ivermectin research program under the guidance of Drs. Mohammed Aziz and Kenneth Brown. In the next few years, trials were conducted in Ghana, Guatemala, Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia, Mali, Senegal and Togo. These trials demonstrated that a single annual dose of 150 to 200 micro-grams/kilogram of Mectizan effectively reduced the density of microfilaria to near zero after a month and maintained low levels for up to 12 months. These efforts culminated in the approval of the Mectizan in France in 1987. (Approval was not sought in the US at the time because River blindness is not found in the United States) Since that time, ivermectin has proven to be remarkably safe and effective. Ivermectin was approved by the United States Federal Food and Drug Administration” Ok the “(FDA) in 1996 for strongyloidiasis and onchocerciasis. (Elgart and Meinking 2003)” and even in this very paragraph they point out that off label use is very common it’s, look at this. they’re talking about it’s inability to kill adult worms and how the WHO was looking to use insecticides to control river blindness, However it was not being effective. Ok so right there it shows they commonly use this stuff off label. And one the last article is on the Nobel Prize. Ivermectin winning the Nobel prize. Alright. I mean this is just, this is un, this is unreal. It’s unfolding right before our very eyes, and it’s right in plain sight. You know Ivermectin did not win the Nobel prize for Saving the Freaking Kentucky Derby. Like Stew Peters likes to say ok. I love how he puts that because it’s just so plain and obvious. So i mean you know I’m quoting him here on that. But uh, But that’s his quote. But i wanted to uh to put it that way because it’s just really seriously. Do you really think that Ivermectin is only for horses? Like really come on No. The people that used it. the people that the Main Stream Media is focusing on here. Is the people that mistakenly got the animal version of this drug, Ivermectin. and if they had done their research they would’ve known to get the human version. cause it’s out there but see what the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know. what they don’t want you to find out. is that Ivermectin Hydroxychloroquine. These things work. But there’s no money in them. The Pharmaceutical companies. There’s no money in it for them. There’s plenty of money in you know in remdesivir for them. and these mRNA Bio weapons. Which by the way aren’t even, you couldn’t really even call them a vaccine because they’re not. They are mRNA Gene Therapy Technologies. That’s what they are. They instruct your bodies chemical cells to create the spike protein. Which replicates and goes all around your body which is why we’re having all this variety, this vast range of Adverse Events. That nobody wants to talk about that nobody will acknowledge, that everybody is trying to cover up. that everybody in the establishment is trying to hide. But the beautiful thing about the internet is that they can’t. because the internet is a thing that we can use to empower ourselves. Well that’s all the time we have for this special Christmas Episode. Until Next Time.

Holiday-Christmas Special. Episode 3 of Tips, Techniques, & Survival Traits. Hosted By Stephen Phillips via News4Us.World.

That’s Our Episode for Today Saturday Dec. 25th, 2021

I Hope You Found This Weeks Episode of Tips, Techniques & Survival Traits. Useful, Informative & Helpful. Until Next Week.

Holiday-Christmas Special wayback machine archive of covid-19 treatment guidelines according to the NIH Website Dated Dec 12, 2021
Holiday-Christmas Special wayback machine archive of covid-19 treatment guidelines according to the NIH Website Dated Dec 12, 2021
Holiday-Christmas Special NIH COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines as of Dec, 25th, 2021
Holiday-Christmas Special NIH COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines as of Dec, 25th, 2021
Holiday-Christmas Special. Episode 3 Tips, Techniques & Survival Traits. Politifact Ivermectin has been FDA approved for human use since 1996. Fact-Check Article
Holiday-Christmas Special. Episode 3 Tips, Techniques & Survival Traits. Politifact Ivermectin has been FDA approved for human use since 1996. Fact-Check Article
Holiday-Christmas Special Episode 3 of Tips, Techniques & Survival Traits. publication on the history of Ivermectin
Holiday-Christmas Special Episode 3 of Tips, Techniques & Survival Traits. publication on the history of Ivermectin
Holiday-Christmas Special Episode 3 of Tips, Techniques & Survival Traits Nobel Prize Article on Ivermectin Nobel Prize Award
Holiday-Christmas Special Episode 3 of Tips, Techniques & Survival Traits Nobel Prize Article on Ivermectin Nobel Prize Award

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